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  3. Fruit – We shall def have meet up again, I have been so busy but maybe next week? X@Anna Saccone Thank you honey :)@Houda, Thank you hun. I don't like Cheryls new hair, it's too red and too long. :/@Marisa I love dark hair too, and I will probably return to it at some point in my life once again 🙂 Now I'm enjoying the lighter side! X

  4. Ja, det är ju verkligen ett ypperligt tillfälle att börja på ett nytt kapitel! Får se den här veckan hur det går för oss!

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  8. I do believe that all people have the choice how they will embrace the world. We all will have problems in this world, but it is up to us how we will react to those problems. We can choose a positive or negative attitude. I like the quote, “If you can’t change your circumstance, then change your attitude”.

  9. Wait. I know this one. Since the fathers were African-American chances are that none of the children involved were even 50% African. Combine that with the fact that soldiers IQs are tested so the fathers weren’t randomly selected from the population and you have a very flawed study. I’ve learned so much here at iSteve. : )

  10. It's NOT "none of our business". Citizenship is a basic qualification of the office. If he wasn't running for and elected President, THEN it would be none of our business.Oh, and why is the certificate number blacked out?

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  12. I just finished watching Bragging Rights (yees, I’m late) and I liked it pretty much. My predictions were not fulfilled (Morrison wins – Raw divas win – Raw wins (why? because it’s Raw :/))… but Batista being Heel is wooooooooh – how long have we waited for this? Since he came back from his injury?Randy was great but I really thought John would go to Smackdown… he was a little bit too much Superman ._. And they used no handcuffs *sob*Anyway, it was funny.

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  15. Happy Tasty Tuesday!!! Oh for a plate of those delicious looking eggnog pancakes…maybe with extra glaze:-) Thank you for the time you put into this link party each week!!!!

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  20. You certainly are! Although your looks would certainly fool everyone (about you being cagey). I love the way I, Antonia and Opardu smell but I never think of myself as anyone with that much elegance (although there are times when I am very grateful that I have those perfumes to wear).

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  26. Wow – I know I was a little wild as a kid, but if I had puched someone (an adult yet) in the face, I would have been turned over a knee and given a “hiding” like you wouldn’t believe. Of course, I would not have done such a thing, having been punished for far less grevious offenses. I also know that my mom would have absolutely died of shame had I done that.

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  29. That sounds like so much fun! I love all the clothing (Gaultier is fabulous) and you took some amazing shots! Our local art gallery is pretty rinky-dink for events, but they do an "urbanite" series every few months that is similar: DJs, a theme, cocktails, tours of the gallery (it's always a related exhibit). It's a lot of fun. I would totally go to the ones in SF.

  30. Caste, corruption, and backward social mores must hurt too.I think that their social mores are just fine. Ours, on the other hand, are decadent and depraved. During its heyday the West also had rigid class stratification (no intermarriage between peasants and nobles), sane separation of gender roles, and social ostracism for deviant behaviors. During the West’s current decline all of those values have unfortunately taken a hit. I suspect that the only thing in your list that actually hurts Indians is corruption.

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  53. Couldn’t agree more GW. Brainwashing it undoubtedly is. Commercial TV (with the possible exception of SBS) consists of mindless drivel interspersed with screaming repetitive adverts. And yes, the kids are conditioned to accept this from a very young age. Who was it said that commercial television doesn’t just cater for the lowest common denominator, it creates the lowest common denominator (who none-the-less make wonderful unquestioning consumers!)

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  56. You're so lucky to have a weekly flea market, we did when I lived in Yorkshire, but theres none where I live now 🙁 I love the print on your curtains~now dress, looks gorgeous. Amazing red shoes, and glasses too!

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